Portable note-taking tools for ideation and pretty much everything else – suggestions welcome

A problem I run into is what app to use to take notes. Many years ago, I used Evernote. What turned me away was a bug on Android that made it impossible to load long notes on my tablet. Since then, I’ve tried Boostnote and am now giving Dropbox Paper a try. I’m open to suggestions in the comments, I want something that works on Windows, Linux and Android (can’t afford anything that runs iOS). So, here’s what I like with each of the three.

Dropbox Paper works pretty well, if a little bit slowly (I’m impatient, its only seconds). It allows notes to be organised into folders and can be edited on any platform with a decent web browser. What I don’t like is the requirement to edit documents online. Offline editing stops working as soon as you switch to another app. I do like that it understands Markdown syntax, so I can easily type equations and sort out formatting.

Boostnote served me well on desktop and laptop. I could store all my notes in Dropbox, edit them offline, then Dropbox would sync them when I’m online again. There used to be an Android app for Boostnote, but that isn’t available anymore and it wasn’t particularly good either. I also don’t like the lack of support for nesting folders, which has lead to a list of folders that is too cluttered for my liking.

And so I come back to Evernote. My original reason for leaving, a bug in the Android version, has been resolved. The only hassle is that it doesn’t support nesting notebooks (i.e. subfolders in Dropbox Paper). It seems like this will never happen and I find remembering a bunch of tags to be a waste of neurons. I’ve already had that problem on Boostnote.

So, what is the best app for taking notes, long and short, syncing them between Linux, Windows and Android, having subfolders to organise notes, and tags (I see value in having a few useful tags to remember, just not too many)?

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