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Analysing data from Stats SA

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) is the goverment-run statistician in South Africa. They publish a lot of stats about SA, you can find them here: I’ve decided to start doing some analyses of the data they make available for the public to download. My first start is writing code to load the data they provide as I’ve chosen to work with the text files they make available. I’ve posted my IPython notebook showing how to load these files here:

The repository containing this notebook and the data I’ve used are here: I’ll be uploading additional notebooks (and the data they use) to that repo. I hope you find them interesting.


An odyssey learning about programming, maths, etc.

Over the past few years, I have benefited greatly from other people’s blogs, especially about computer programming, hardware, numerical analysis and 3D graphics.  I am by no means as bright as those people, nor do I have their years of experience, but I do occasionally find unusual problems who’s solutions I would like to share.  Of course, part of my reason for doing this is to record bits of my research and my thinking at the time so that I can find all this information when I forget it after a few months or years.

I feel it is necessary to point out that what I post here is only partly related to my PhD research.  Owing to intellectual property agreements I can’t blog about my actual work, but many of the tools I use and problems I encounter are more general than my little corner of the academic world, so I will keep their descriptions in this more general sense.